Whether you are searching for floor designs that match your room interiors, or you want a perfect look for your office, our bespoke floor designs are the ideal option for you. Pavwoods provides the best wooden floor designs for all types of indoors. 

All floor designs need an extra touch to make them unique, and we are there to ensure that. We offer multiple configurations with a variety of color patterns. Our experts are up-to-date with the latest interior designing trends and will help you select the perfect bespoke design for your rooms. Whether it be your bedroom, kitchen, or offices, our bespoke designs are the best and affordable floor designs.

We offer bespoke wooden flooring services in all areas of London. The in-house personals are well trained and experienced who conduct the installation process with care. They are keen to follow the details to provide the best output. Our bespoke wooden flooring ensures the best quality that won’t fade for decades, and we maintain condition to price ratio.

To make sure that the flooring finishes don’t fade with time, we constantly work along companies supplying floor finishing products and other essential products that not only give it a long lasting appearance but also protects it from fading. We apply unique tannins to our bespoke wood so that the wood color doesn’t change with time. We will do our utmost to make sure you parquet flooring will remain it’s apperance longest possible.

Brushed & Bandsaw effect parquet flooring
Truly Bespoke Parquet Flooring