Enviromental friendly flooring

Is PavWoods flooring environmentally friendly ?

A lot of effort is being put on climate change and environmentally friendly and sustainable products. More and more people are eager to play their part by recycling waste, conserving water and energy build eco-friendly or passive houses. There is no difference when it comes to flooring. Wood is the only renewable choice of building material for flooring. Wood is renewable, natural resource that naturally grows in abundance.

Carbon Footprint

  • The production of wood flooring uses less energy in its processing method than any other construction material.
  • Young trees absorb more carbon dioxide than mature ones, so it makes sense to harvest older trees and plant two new ones for every tree felled.
  • To help reduce the amount of timber used we strongly suggest use of engineered wood flooring for every 100m2 of solid wood flooring, you can get 400m2 of engineered flooring.

Pros for using engineered flooring

  • Engineered floors dont move like solid wood floors,
  • We can produce 4 times as much engineered flooring compared to solid
  • Plywood base is made of layers of Birch
  • Fast growing trees are in abundance and are easily replaced, helping to reduce carbon footprint
  • Solid top layer can be sanded down same amount of time as solid wood floor due to distance from top to the tongue