Parquet flooring

You may have heard people talk about “Parquet Flooring, however you might not know exactly what they are talking about. Dating back to the late 1600s, Parquet flooring was prevalent when concrete and other hard floors were the norm. It was created by cutting small blocks of wood, usually of various colours and wood types, and then glueing them to a concrete floor in various geometric shapes to create a decorative pattern. The most popular design being the herringbone, which is still used commonly today.


We do offer parquet wooden flooring in London


Supply and fit of wooden flooring in London

We do offer wide range of styles and finishes


Herringbone wooden flooring

Chevron wooden flooring

Versailles wooden panels

Custom floor

Our parquet wood flooring range is available in three different types;
  • engineered block,
  • solid block
  • engineered panels,
Our team of experts can manufacture your perfect flooring to match your exact needs based on the given specification – perfect for architects, designers, and developers.

We can fulfill any expectations

Mansion Weave



Bespoke Patter

Floor Inlays

Parquet Borders

We are proud to say that we manufacture our wood flooring, meaning you wont find our products anywhere else!



We do offer a wide range of parquet panels for more information and product availability please contact us.




Parquet Blocks

We are able to manufacture almost any design so why not consider us for your next project