Using the finest European oak, with our parquet floor fitting service you will get a floor for a lifetime. Parquet flooring comes in blocks, which can be laid in various patterns to create an artwork rather than just a coverage on the floors. Although classic designs such as herringbone parquet flooring are still an up-to-date fashion, parquet flooring blocks can be laid in many creative ways. Some of them have names such as chevron, basket weave, mansion weave, dutch pattern and many many more.

Sub floor

The sub floor for any wooden floor is foundation.

If sub floor is in any way compromised, it can seriously harm look and structural performance of the wooden floor

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Is is essential to ensure that the sub floor has been properly prepared prior installation of wooden floor.

Damp or damaged membranes can allow moisture to rise upwards.

It is recommended that extra attention and care been put to ensure sub floor is done right.

All sub floors must be prepared in accordance with normal sub floor preparation procedures and accepted tolerances within the flooring industry ideally SR1.

Before fitting the wood flooring, particular attention must be paid to ensure that:

  •       The moisture content of the concrete screed must not be higher than 1.8 %
  •       Evenness – maximum tolerance of 3mm per linear metre where the maximum deviation in flatness in any direction is 3mm under a 3 metre straight edge.
  •       Load capacity – The sub floor has to be a closed and self–supporting surface
  •       Cleanliness – the sub floor needs to be in a clean and vacuumed condition
  •       Any plywood or Chipboard subfloor must be high quality and also sealed.
  •       Joists must be in good condition and not more than 350mm centres

As you would expect  PavWoods ensures that sub floors are correctly prepared.

We will liaise with contractor overseeing the correct preparation of the sub floor is done for the best results as the sub floor is key element in installation of the wooden floor

Radiant Underfloor heating

All of our wooden floor such as wide plank, Herringbone, Chevron, parquet  is constructed for use with radiant under floor heating.


CRITICAL: The surface temperature of the screed must never exceed 27 degrees C.

Floor protection

Once installed we strongly recommend that your newly installed investment is temporarily protected from the damage which could be caused by other trades complete their works.

We do realise its additional expense however not doing so may incur in extra cost: the cost of replacing, repairing or refinishing a floor after been laid can be expensive exercise


As with all wood products, your wood floor will need a little care and attention to guarantee it will look its best for many years to come.

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Your wood floor is a natural product, which should look beautiful for many years to come. Its appearance will mellow and improve with age. It must, however, be properly cared for and the purpose of this leaflet is to provide you with the necessary instructions for looking after your floor.

Like any form of floor covering, a wooden floor must be regularly cleaned and maintained in accordance with certain rules. It is a natural product and therefore vulnerable to misuse, but will reward regular care and attention. All manufacturers recommend an effective doormat to stop dirt and grit being transferred to your floor. Although the floor finish is tough, to minimise the chance of scratching, it is recommended that outdoor shoes are not worn inside the house and pets nails are kept clipped. Stiletto heels can also damage wood floors so it is recommended these are not worn on the floors.

It is strongly recommended that felt pads are stuck to the bottom of all furniture that will come into contact with the floors. Avoid dragging furniture as this could cause damage to your floor and cause unsightly scratches.

Never pour water over the floor as this could cause movement in the planks and make sure when mopping, you only use a damp mop and wring it out thoroughly. If water is spilt on the floor make sure you clean it up immediately otherwise it could seep into the wood causing discolouration or movement in the planks.

If floors are neglected it is expected that they will deteriorate and in effect, eventually be ruined. We do not take responsibility for any floors that are damaged due to poor care.