Wide Plank

Various finishes

Build up


We do offer all of our wooden flooring in London and surrounding areas

Finish chosen by you whether micro bevel or square edge is required choice of finished, stained or unfinished for staining and finishing on site.

All our products are custom made which means your floor will be one of a kind.

Wide plank in supplied and installed in London and surrounding areas


Our wide plank is a game changer up to 350mm WIDE which is insanely WIDE…

We supply our wide board in London and surrounds.

We mainly produce below thickness of wooden flooring

  • 15mm
  • 20-21 mm
  • any size of up to 350 mm

  • depending on customer needs our planks could be manufactured in various lengths between 600-3500mm
  • or any other lengths specified by customer.


Engineered wooden flooring and solid wooden flooring are divided into grades based on how many surface markings they display. Generally speaking, the features taken into account when grading wood include: the number and size of knots; the amount of sap present in the wood and its colour variation. The smaller the knots, the lower the sap content and the more uniform the colour, the higher the grade of wood.

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  • Prime grade floor will have a very uniformed look.
  • Highest grade of wood flooring
  • This grade of wood is uniform in its appearance and has very few knots up to 5mm they tend to be small and unobtrusive
  • The colour variation is minimal, but still there due to the fact that wood is a natural product

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  • Next grade after prime
  • Grade with bigger size knots  up to 25mm
  • Contains sap
  • Has colour variation

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  • Larger range of colour variation
  • Contain sap
  • More knots and fillers than natural grade
  • Traditional Vintage look

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  • Much more knots and filler than rustic
  • contains splits
  • contain all from previous grade
  • very antique look